Business Intelligence Solutions Development

Business Intelligence Solutions Development – Business intelligence is the reason why some companies leave others. We provide data-driven solutions that help our clients become more efficient by increasing their decision-making capabilities.

Since the beginning of mankind, people have created data whether it is stone tablets or cave inscriptions. The real rise came after the industrial revolution and people began to develop methods and use machines. This was the time to organize and save. Therefore, the processing power and storage of computers enabled us to write the work problems and automate them. As a result Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) from SAP, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle was developed. Likewise, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software followed suit and data collection began. Internal data consists of usage, sales and customer data along with social data and other external data related to the business. As a result, business data has grown in size and diversity.

Business Intelligence Solutions Development

In the early days, management systems (MIS) and information systems (EIS) created data for making key decisions on demand. This practice allowed for quick decision making. For management’s rapid management, data warehouses and BI platforms are designed to equip decision makers with live information, visualizations and dashboards. That’s what we do!

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Finally, business intelligence is made up of technologies and technical solutions that enable companies to make use of that data. These include Artificial Intelligence and machine learning that have helped businesses predict customer behavior.

At DM, we use our tried and tested approach to understanding business goals and objectives in implementing BI. Followed by a discussion of existing resources and the existing IT environment. Finally, the type and variety of activities going on in the organization. Taking into account the collected information, we develop a BI management system that reflects the best technology / business BI platform. This leads to interaction with business units and KPI’s setting and choosing the best way to create DW. Therefore, business requirements and reports are collected and pseudo dashboards are created and approved. A report on the nature of the data is generated that helps data scientists clean up the data. Keeping in view the requirements and observations in the state report of the data ETL is created. Selected data tables or their content variables are extracted, modified and imported to DW.

Based on the choice of BI data platform is completed which allows for visualization, reporting and the ability to create / adhoc analysis on the OLAP cube. Advanced analytical techniques such as What-if analysis, predictive capabilities and systematic analysis are developed using the built-in BI platform or other tools/APIs.

At DM, we have a strong command of both business BI platforms and visualization tools. With 30+ completed BI projects and 20+ proven tools, DM is one of the leading end-to-end Business Intelligence and Data Management companies. Below are the platforms we have used in the past.

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In conjunction with creating a Data Warehouse and presentation module, we use enterprise platform components to create ETL, data mining and advanced analytics. In some cases tools with data management capabilities are required. Here is a list of the tools we have expertise in;

After implementing a traditional Business Intelligence project or even independently, our consultants use modern methods to forecast and provide advice. These techniques include data mining, neural networks, pattern recognition, sentiment analysis and cluster analysis. We go beyond the simple math and use statistics and algorithms to reveal the deeper details of your business. We achieve all of this while remaining affordable by choosing open source tools or leveraging the capabilities of your Business Intelligence business. Alternatively, DM performs data analysis, which includes data analysis, analysis, design, cleaning and analysis, and reporting.

Our BDA projects are made up of these main parts related to the platforms and tools we use to carry out the work;

At Data Mustang, we live to create Technology Solutions; increasing the power of data and providing meaningful information to increase the ability to make decisions. has been helping customers with business intelligence solutions for more than 30 years. Business Intelligence means different things to different people, but in its simplest definition Business Intelligence is the use of large amounts of stored assets that you need to create reports intelligence and dashboards that show your business performance and facilitate data-driven decisions to drive your business. forward. Your data is one of the most important business assets.

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With the amount of data that has been collected and stored, and the distribution of application solutions, which makes the data mix with the warehouse, service and clouds with different features and architecture, the problem of integrating them all. data and providing a single source of information for reporting is very difficult.

We have faced many of the challenges you face at some point and we are ready to use our expertise to help you plan and implement your business intelligence journey, starting from building a Data Strategy and defining a Data Analytics and BusinessIntelligence roadmap, to achieve your goal. of the “One Truth” reliable, 360 degree view of your business data.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, there are many definitions of Business Intelligence (BI). BI includes all things, every part of pulling information from available resources, to preparing the data to be suitable for analysis, storing data in a safe and centralized place, connecting different data, creating a business plan that includes all business metrics that need to be measured and parameters which will be used for data entry, to the creation of attractive and powerful reports and dashboards.

Your current BI solution may include an Excel spreadsheet with pivot tables and charts, it may include reporting tools such as SQLserver SSRS, Cliq, Tableau directly into the application. You can have reporting tools and solutions for different types of data. Or, maybe you’ve gone a little further and created a data warehouse to store all of your business information in one unified place.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Platform

Therefore, Business Intelligence solutions are probably straight forward with a few data sources that feed into Excel spreadsheets and dashboards built into pivot tables and pivot charts:

Or a little more complicated, but straight forward with a few data sources and a dashboard built into a special reporting tool like Power BI as shown in the picture:

Business intelligence architecture and data platform can also be implemented directly on a single platform as shown below:

Or it can be more complex, integrating information from many data sources and providing a data warehouse suitable for traditional Business Intelligence solutions and modern Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning solutions, as shown in the Azure based data platform solution in the next. picture:

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We have already talked about the journey of Business Intelligence being different things for different organizations, so defining a single path is an impossible task. But there are different parts that we can identify regardless of the number of data sources, the place where they come from, the descriptive tools that you choose.

Despite what you may think is a straightforward business plan, it’s important to look at your long-term goals for your data center and your future business intelligence and data analytics. Whatever you do here, you want to make sure that the business intelligence solution you produce is future-proof and scalable, which allows you to introduce new sources without changing what has already been done, and meet the needs of analytics by adding to what you already have.

One potential issue with moving to an agile business intelligence approach without developing a data strategy is that data governance issues may arise.

Without an initial assessment of your entire environment it may be easy to choose a data platform that is suitable for small initial data sets and data analysis requirements, but so far this line shows that it is not sufficient for additional data sets, reporting requirements. and the consumer dashboard is launched.

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Choosing a data platform and business architecture that meets your long-term, short-term and long-term goals is critical to your success. It can be time-consuming and expensive if an existing project has to be redesigned to meet new requirements because the original platform cannot be changed later.

That doesn’t mean you have to use all the bells and whistles of a business solution from scratch. A well-thought-out data plan will include activities that create a data journey for you, allowing you to get started, cheaply, quickly and to maximize the time that fits your business needs, budget and resources.

Business Intelligence consulting services are available to support your data integration strategy, or we can support and guide your team to help them develop a robust data strategy.

Business Intelligence solutions are probably managed by the IT function

Business Intelligence: An Integrated Approach

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