Business Intelligence Solutions Developer Interview Questions

Business Intelligence Solutions Developer Interview Questions – Here you will find the top 30 MSBI interview questions that are most frequently asked in MSBI interviews at top organizations. Some of the important features you will learn include features of reporting services, matrix in SSRS, Report Server Projects, Report Builder, SSIS structures, and more. Learn MSBI at MSBI Certification Training and fast track your career!

The MSBI tool is a tool developed by Microsoft that is used to transform business data into valuable information. This MSBI Interview Questions blog covers all the trending and popular questions that can be asked to professionals during an interview. This blog on MSBI Interview Questions and Answers aims to help you understand what questions are commonly asked in interviews. Go through the following set of MSBI interview questions to get a good start in your career:

Business Intelligence Solutions Developer Interview Questions

By definition, MSBI or Microsoft Business Intelligence is a powerful suite of tools that provide solutions for Business Intelligence and Data Mining queries. MSBI empowers users to access accurate and up-to-date information for better decision making at the organizational level. There are three tools that make up the MSBI bundle:

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SQL Server Integration Services or SSIS is basically used to integrate data from multiple databases together. This tool can deal with a large amount of data and is therefore used for large transactions.

SQL Server Analysis Services or SSAS is widely used to analyze SQL Server performance when it comes to load balancing, heavy data, and transactions, among other uses. This tool is mainly related to SQL Server administration.

SQL Server Reporting Services or SSRS deals with report generation. Being standalone, this tool can be used across multiple applications and is therefore very popular in the market these days.

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Top 30 Msbi Interview Questions & Answers 2023

SQL Server Integration Services is part of SQL Server at MSBI. This tool can be used to perform many data migration and ETL operations.

This platform is used for integration and workflow applications. Known for its fast and flexible OLTP and OLAP extensions for data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL), SSIS can be used to automate the maintenance of SQL Server databases and various data sets.

SSIS tools support both simple solutions—where users perform tasks such as copying data from one location to another—and enterprise-level solutions, where users build large numbers of complex packages in a team environment.

A workflow is basically a set of instructions assigned to the Developer as a guide for executing tasks and containers.

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Control flow typically consists of one or more tasks and a container that executes when the package is started. To define the conditions for using functions in a package’s control flow, precedence constraints are used that connect functions to containers in the package.

Data flows include sources and destinations that retrieve and load data, transformations that modify and extend data, and methods that connect sources, transformations, and destinations. The data flow function is usable within SSIS packages that create, structure, and execute data flows.

Process errors are handled in control flow by preceding control and redirecting execution flow, and data errors are handled in data flow activity by redirecting data flow using the component’s error output.

Setting the environment variable sets the package properties equal to the value of the environment variable. These are used to configure dependencies on computers that use packages.

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SSIS includes logging features that not only write log entries when runtime events occur but also write custom messages. Integration Services supports a diverse set of log providers and empowers users with the ability to create custom log providers. Integration Services log providers can write log entries to text files, SQL Server Profiler, SQL Server, Windows Event Log, or XML files. The logging configuration provides a built-in feature that can log details of various events such as OnError, OnWarning, etc.

The SSIS project, ‘Build’ provides a manifest file for deployment. Users are required to use the manifest file and decide whether to install it in a file system or in a Microsoft SQL Server database. SQL Server deployment is faster and more secure than file system deployment. Alternatively, this deployment can be done in packages in SSMS on a file system or SQL Server.

Query parameters are specified in the data source query that must be included in the SQL WHERE clause to accept the parameters. Query parameters start with the ‘@’ symbol.

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Variables are used to store the values ​​of SSIS packages and their containers, functions, and event handlers that they receive at runtime. Scripts can also use variables. Additionally, precedence constraints that sequence functions and containers become workflow implementation variables when constraint definitions include expressions.

One of the server-based software programs, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) produces reports developed by Microsoft. It is used to prepare and deliver various interactive reports that are printed and managed through a web-based interface. It uses a web service interface to support and develop customized reporting applications.

The SSRS architecture consists of integrated components. This multi-tiered structure is scalable and scalable. A single installation can be used across multiple computers.

The various components of SSRS architecture include Report Manager, Report Designer, browser types supported by Reporting Services, Report Server, Report Server command-line utilities, Report Server Database, Report Services Extensions, and data sources supported by Reporting Services.

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Users must first create a data-driven subscription that uses the Null Delivery Provider. When a Blank Delivery Provider is specified as the subscription delivery method, Report Server targets the Report Server Database as the delivery point and uses a special delivery extension called the null delivery extension. Unlike other delivery extensions, Null Delivery Provider has no delivery settings that can be configured by subscription.

17. What do you mean by matrix in SSRS? What are sub-reports and how do we create them?

A matrix is ​​a region of data related to a report set. Matrices allow us to create crosstab reports with the variables of the report displayed in rows and columns.

A sub-report is similar to any other reports that can be called from the main report and can be executed from the main report. Parameters can be passed from the main report to the sub-report, and based on that a report can be created.

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The Report Model project is used for ad-hoc reporting. We can create ad-hoc reports with Report Builder. In simple view, Report Model Project can be created with BIDS or Report Server.

A Report Server project contains RDL files, and needs to be deployed to Report Server to view report files for applications and users. It is a solution where users can design reports. Once the solution is built, users can start designing reports.

The RS.exe utility is used to edit reports on the Report Server. It comes with a Report Server and can be modified accordingly.

To do this, users need to create a subscription to the report. This can be done through the Report Manager. The report format and recipient email address can be specified in the Registration Report. When an SSRS report schedule is created, a SQL Server Agent Job will be created. From SSIS, using sp.start_job, the appropriate job name can be passed and, from now on, the SSRS report subscription can be created.

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A middle-tier server for analytical processing, OLAP, and data mining, SSAS manages multidimensional cubes of data and provides access to bundles of information including data aggregation. Analysis services provide an integrated view of data used in OLAP or data mining.

Cubes are multidimensional models that store data and integrations from one or more sources. They are created using the Cube Wizard. Also, dimensions are created while creating cubes.

Enabling writeback on a balance group defines a write partition and creates a writeback table for that balance group.

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Disabling writeback in a replication group removes the writeback component but does not remove the writeback table to avoid unexpected data loss.

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