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Analytics And Business Intelligence Solutions / Brands – As large amounts of data are being produced, ensuring that all business processes are in control is becoming increasingly difficult every year. Finally, organizations and companies need some help in making sustainable and profitable decisions. By using modern and professional business intelligence tools (BI tools), every challenge can be solved quickly by any business user, without major IT involvement.

These tools go beyond collecting, analyzing, tracking and predicting future business conditions, creating a clear view of all the data a company manages. Identifying trends, enabling self-service analytics, leveraging powerful visualizations and providing professional BI dashboards are becoming essential tools for business operations, strategic development and ultimately increasing profits. And that’s not all, the self-service nature of these solutions provides all the features we’ve just mentioned for all levels of users, without the need for any technical skills or special training. Making data analytics the perfect solution to democratize the process and boost business performance.

Analytics And Business Intelligence Solutions / Brands

Here we explain what a BI tool is, present the most popular benefits that a company can get from using them, and provide a list of the main BI tools on the market with each review. In order to build this list in the most accurate way, we considered two of the most popular websites for software comparisons and user reviews. On the one hand, we have Capterra, part of the Gartner family, the world’s leading consulting and research company. And on the other hand, we have G2Crowd, which is one of Gartner’s biggest competitors and has been a major player in the valuation market for over a decade. For our research, we took business intelligence software platforms with the best ratings on both sites, with a minimum of 50 reviews between the two.

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BI tools are types of software used to collect, process, analyze, and display vast amounts of past, present, and future data to generate actionable business insights, create interactive reports, and simplify the decision-making process.

These business intelligence platforms include key features such as data visualization, visual analytics, interactive dashboarding and KPI scorecards. Additionally, it enables users to use self-service based automated reporting and predictive analytics features in a single solution, making the analytics process efficient and accessible.

But what are the real benefits of these BI applications and what do they offer that traditional data management methods cannot? It all starts with technology.

Professional BI software and tools offer a variety of popular benefits, here we will focus on the most important ones

Best Business Intelligence Software

Bring all the necessary data together: Whether you work in a small company or a large enterprise, you may collect data from various portals, ERPs, CRMs, flat files, databases, APIs and more. In order to manage all these sources and develop a better understanding of the data collected, you need to have access to a large amount of information. That’s why using modern data connectors helps you centralize different sources and gives you a single view of all your business processes. In this way, identifying issues, trends, performing cross-sectional analysis and taking action are closely related and data-driven.

Their true self-service analytics approach unlocks access to data: When everyone in the company is equipped with modern business intelligence software that allows them to analyze the data themselves, the need to request reports from the IT department is greatly reduced. . This self-service BI approach gives organizations a competitive advantage because each employee is equipped with the right amount of data analysis skills, ultimately saving the company time and resources while offloading the IT department and allowing them to focus on others. Critical functions.

Users can use Predictive: Predictive analytics don’t need to be specialized data scientists or analysts. By integrating forecasting engines, business users of any knowledge level can easily create insights that can help them adjust current strategies to optimize future outcomes. On the other hand, if a business situation changes, intelligent data notifications powered by artificial intelligence prevent potential problems when managing large amounts of data and discover new trends and patterns that allow you to react immediately. This level of technology allows you to cut the manual work and automate processes so that you have enough time to perform other tasks.

Eliminate manual tasks: While traditional business management methods encourage the use of spreadsheets and static approaches, modern software eliminates endless rows and columns and automates processes. Need a report? The tool updates your KPI dashboard with real-time data. In addition, you can automate the reporting process at certain time intervals and only see the results. Need a presentation? Simply drag and drop your values ​​and see how you can easily create a powerful interactive dashboard that lets you interact directly with your data all in one screen. Abandoning the endless PowerPoint presentations of the past and embracing a more intuitive approach to data analysis.

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Reduce business costs: From sales planning and customer behavior analysis to real-time process monitoring and optimization, BI platforms enable faster planning, analysis and reporting processes. In fact, according to a survey conducted by BI Research, more than 50% of business intelligence users report that these are the most popular benefits that have helped them reduce costs and increase revenue. If you can act quickly and accurately, you can achieve much better trading results and make profitable adjustments.

They are constantly at your service 24/7/365: Different organizations have many needs and the software-as-a-service model offered by these tools offers a complete SaaS BI experience, with all data hosted securely online. Area. Depending on your needs, the software can be scaled up or down, so that it can be tailored to the specific needs of a company. Because the data is stored in the cloud, whether you’re an administrator, data scientist, analyst, or consultant, you have constant access to the software to fully explore the various self-service analytics features. All you need is a browser and an internet connection and your data is available on any smart device.

They provide a competitive advantage: Businesses that are able to use the vast amount of data they generate to their advantage can significantly differentiate themselves from their competitors. BI tools provide the knowledge and functionality needed to effectively manage business information in a way that promotes productivity and growth. Being able to make informed strategic decisions is one of the most important benefits that organizations in any industry can get from working with the right BI software.

These benefits of business intelligence are focused on small companies and large enterprises. If you want to control your data and know what’s going on in your organization, BI is the way to do it. To help you along the way, we’ve created a list of top business intelligence tools that will not only make your data management and discovery intuitive and easy to use, but also stay secure and ensure high levels of productivity. Profit.

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We have selected 15 of the most popular BI tools from the leaders in the business intelligence community, the ones that are often mentioned in industry articles and based on which we found favorable user reviews on Capterra and G2Crowd. The order of the tools is arbitrary and does not represent a scoring or ranking system in any way. The rates mentioned on this list are collected until November 2022. get started!

It is BI software that allows you to connect your data from various sources and analyze it with advanced features (including predictive analytics and artificial intelligence). With all your data at your fingertips, you can create a powerful business dashboard (or several), generate standard or custom reports, or include intelligent alerts to get notified of anomalies and targets. With an excellent 4.8 stars on Capterra and 4.6 on G2Crowd, this tool is a solid solution for businesses of all sizes, regardless of size, as it can be applied to a variety of industries, functions and platforms.

The software offers features for both advanced users such as data analysts and average business users. SQL mode allows analysts to create their own queries, while an intuitive drag-and-drop interface ensures a visually expressive way to enter your values ​​and create powerful charts and dashboards, easily using effective visual analytics.

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface: Simply drag your KPIs into the interface and see how your charts and graphs are transformed into professional dashboards without IT involvement or advanced coding.

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Easy-to-use predictive analytics: Advanced analytics features, including predictive analytics based on a predictive engine, where you can easily select KPIs, determine the number of data points you want to predict, define the prior data points for the calculation, and finally define the quality of the model by assigning the desired confidence interval.

More interactive dashboard features: Dig deeper into every part of the dashboard with advanced dashboard software such features

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